Gorchiza - Kiss me loneliness
Gorchiza - Kiss me loneliness

Поиск: Gorchiza - Kiss me loneliness

Размер: 4.8 MB
Формат: mp3
Альбом: New! Autumn 2009
Год: 2009
Жанр: Dance
Битрейт: 203 кб/сек

Текст песни - Gorchiza - Kiss me loneliness

I had a picture in my mind
oh I could be you princEss you could be my prince
together you and I
oh you and I
You don't know how hard I tried
Oh yes I tried to make things go right
and now at last when I found out
you never loved me oh yeah
nothing left to say

kiss me, loneliness
be my happiness
and treat me better
nothing left to say
we'll never be the same
either leave or stay
it doesn't matter

I felt so good in your arms
Oh I felt so good looking in your eyes
But you decided to divide your heart in two
that's not nice
And now've you made it clear to me
Will I disappoint you if I disappear
in spite of things I leave behind
I let the sun shine oh yeah

nothing left to say
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